The Christmas countdown is well on its way and for some, Christmas shopping has already begun in earnest.  But for those of you who are still looking for more gift selections, you may want to drop by the newest kid on the block of El Grande that just opened last month, Sukhi Gifts & Treasures.

Owner and proprietress, Sheryl B. Manlulu used to work in a trading company and it took awhile for her to finally find her niche in the trading industry.  An entrepreneur at heart, she loved purchasing and selling and she gets to do just that in her her store and business, where she has put her knowledge and experience in trading to good use.

Sukhi Gifts & Treasures is a retail store offering giftable items, stationery products, bags, organizers and other "must haves" that are both fancy and functional. "My idea is to have a store that will cater to middle and upper class consumers (including students) who look beyond the crowded retail mall for a special shopping experience. In addition to offering a wide array of unique quality products, the customers will enjoy friendly customer service in a convenient and uncongested location," she says.

A resident of Alabang, Sheryl chose BF Homes for her shop because of its diversity.  "It is not only a residential area but a commercial area as well. I can only start small, but I want to have enough exposure to keep my business thriving. And I think BF Homes is the best choice of place for me to begin," she adds.

A traveler along El Grande going towards Lopez gate will not miss the large and bold sign outside her store.  Aside from an attractive logo, Sukhi Gifts & Treasure also has an interesting story behind its name.  Sheryl's first choice was the obvious "suki", the Tagalog word for a loyal and frequent customer; she thought there was a nice catch to it.

"My second choice for a name was "happy" in a foreign language, since I wanted to create an idea of "fun" in my store and in the items that I will sell. When I tried to search for different translations, I came across the word "sukhi" which is the Hindi word for ''happy.'  I instantly liked it. It's like playing with the word "suki" by adding an "h" to it, and at the same time it was describing my store and my personal feelings for this business," she reveals.  Some may call that a sign of good fortune.

She is off to an auspicious start, already attracting corporate clients and other buyers.  She can customize a product and help conceptualize products that will fit her client's need and budget.  She also offers promotional and party giveaways.  For her opening promo, she is giving away cute character pens for every P250 worth of purchase.

Looking back on her beginnings, she fondly recalls her business mentors with gratitude.  "I always look up to my uncle and aunt (Tom and Mike Onate) when it comes to having a business. I saw how they started and I want to be like them. And it was they who encouraged me to start my own business since I already have the knowledge and the experience. I will always be grateful for all their help."  And if your aim is making people happy, how can you go wrong?

Sukhi Gifts & Treasures

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