Next to putting on a lipstick, having polished and lacquered nails seems to be the next best thing to feeling dressed when you're in a hurry and on a budget.  The sight of manicured fingers and pedicured toes is always a morale-booster and eye-candy at the same time. 

Is it any wonder that nail spas and salons are mushrooming everywhere when it's both a guilty pleasure and an art all by itself. 

I had the pleasure of enjoying a thoroughly relaxing afternoon at Pamper Your Feet, a newly opened nail spa that easily and delightfully lived up to its name. 

Its lime green walls and black leather easy chairs give it a dark, edgy look but also a cocoon-like ambiance that embraces you and relaxes you, settling you down and away from the heat outside.  Cool samba music wafts softly as you sink into your chair. 

The nail technicians come and do their job quietly, efficiently, proficiently.  The atmosphere is professional and informal at the same time.  It's a world away from the neighborhood parlor of the past with its in-your-face music, frenetic frenzy buzzing around you, and loud chattering voices of haircutters and tv denizens alike competing for attention.

I get a Pamper Me Foot Spa.  It puts me in such a good mood I opt for a hot pink nail color.  I have to say that Pamper Your Feet has stamped its mark on what pampering is all about and their nail work is excellent.  Three weeks later, my toes are still as attractively colored as the day I stepped out of their spa.

It is a relatively new nail spa so it is understandably putting its best foot forward so to speak. This early, the shop deservedly has garnered its fair share of clients and will continue to do so if they maintain this level of standard. 

Pamper Your Feet