Thick and juicy peppered porkchop served with cranberry sauce
Iago's Grill is a restaurant only two months old, but is already gaining a following.  This is one establishment that seems to have all the right factors going for it: great food, a summery outdoor ambiance, and parking space.  

Cat and I got to sample three of Iago's bestsellers: the Grilled Porkchop, Inihaw na Pusit Lumot, and Crispy Chicken Salad.  Four thumbs up!  Many dishes here have a little twist that makes eating here filled with delightful surprises.  The porkchop was tender and juicy, peppery on the outside and with a Pinoy-style vinegar marinade; but instead of serving it with a traditional vinegar and garlic dip, it's served with cranberry sauce.  Yum!  
Inihaw na Pusit Lumot

The crispy chicken salad consists of crunchy breaded chicken breast strips on a bed of lettuce, carrots, and bell peppers, with extra flavor and crunch added by wedges of mandarin orange and slivers of almonds.  It's served with Iago's own secret dressing, sweet and nutty with sesame seeds.   Again, yum! The grilled squid was equally delectable; tender, smoky, and sweet-salty with the soy marinade brushed on.  Very Pinoy, simple but good, and best washed down with San Mig.

As Cat and I sat back, replete and convinced we could never move again, I found one last surprise: Iago's water isn't just water, it's pandan water.  The fragrance and light flavor of the pandan really cleansed my palate, leaving me ready for more.  But just as I was reaching for the menu again, Cat grabbed my ear and dragged me away.  I'll definitely come back to Iago's Grill one of these days.
Crispy Chicken Salad

Iago's Grill

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