Grub is a simple little resto-bar in BF Homes Phase III that rocks.  Literally.  Not only is proprietor Marlon de la Cruz a music aficionado, he's also one good cook, with a fine sly sense of humor to boot.  Marlon and his wife Angelica are to be found here almost every evening, with Marlon alternately manning the stove and chatting with the customers.   It makes for a very homey ambiance -- being here feels just like making tambay with the old college gang on someone's patio.  

The impression was reinforced even more by Marlon's choice of music for the evening -- classic Eighties rock and new wave. As Marlon owns a music store in Makati, specializing in vintage vinyl records, he's got quite a collection.  And he was playing my kind of noise.  Eighties, yeah! Then Cat, as always, had to remind me of my age when I commented on the music.
Oh Talaga, Talaba
Studying the menu also gave us our first taste of Marlon's quirky humor.  His perennially popular sizzling bulalo (marrow) is branded That's Bul; the spicy sausage is the John Holmes; and the spicy chicken wings are the Tony Falcon, another porn in-joke.  As Cat's cheeks turned a delightful rosy pink, we settled on sampling the Oh Talaga, Talaba -- Marlon's version of baked Oysters Rockefeller; The Fresh Prince, a rare tuna steak served with wasabi; and the bestselling Nacho Vidal.  At only about P150-250 per dish, each good for two or three, and beers at only P32 a bottle, the prices are very friendly and ideal for a gathering.
The Fresh Prince
First impression, as the dishes came out: this food is damn photogenic!  Second impression: these servings are big!  Even by my standards, and I'm quite the trencherman.  Third impression: dangit this is so good, I need a beer!  The oysters were very fresh, perfectly  baked with a thick layer of cheese and herbs preserving the juiciness of the insides.   The tuna steak, seared as a slab then sliced thin to reveal the still-pink flesh within and served on a bed of fried spinach and garlic, made Cat close her eyes in sheer pleasure.  I, of course, used the opportunity to nab more tuna slices!  And the nachos, topped with beef sauce, cheese and fresh salsa, would make a perfect dish to share with the barkada -- it was good, just the right level of spicyness, and there was a LOT of it.
Nacho Vidal
This is definitely one place I'd like to take the gang, especially when those now abroad come back.  Great food, big portions, great music and a homey ambiance -- and if I have to walk home waddling, at least it won't be far!

Grub RestoBar

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