Begin with the end in mind, so says best-selling author Stephen R. Covey in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Success guru Anthony Robbins starts you on your journey by asking what is it you really want?  The Silva Method uses previsualization to imagine desired results.

In other words, each of these life mentors focuses first on the goal as their launchpad for success.  Only when you know what you want will you be in a position to get it so goal setting, therefore, cannot be underestimated or taken for granted.

It is a lesson that partners Stephanie A. Cabanes, Winnie C. Tiosejo, Blossom Santiago, Gabbi Buencamino and Bea Lasala  wished to impart when they established Goal Central last year, a tutorial service center that's slowly making a name for itself.  We sat down with Stephanie to find out more. 
GLBF    Tell us how Goal Central came about.

GC    Coming from the academe, we saw that many of the students needed intervention or further academic assistance; we realized that it was high time that the tutoring service become professionalized in how and where it is delivered.

GLBF    How did  you come up with the name?

GC    When we were crafting our mission/vision, we found that our individual visions for giving academic assistance were all centered and geared towards the concept of goal setting because every success starts with a goal and that became our tag line.

GLBF    What can parents and students expect from you?

GC    Goal Central commits to strengthen the personal academic performance of each student through knowledge-based innovative learning.  We commit to build character through a goal-oriented approach to teaching and learning.  Furthermore, we commit to provide a nurturing environment for the students through highly qualified and dedicated educators.  Finally, we commit to sustain our partnership with parents to cultivate a deeper understanding of the student's needs with the goal of effectively addressing them. 

GLBF    What is your scope and what are your activities?

GC    We have one-on-one tutoring for students who are just beginning to read and do math all the way to college-level students, and we also have group tutoring; we have daily homework supervision; we teach English as a second language; we have Internet use courses for adults and senior citizens; and we also have Comprehensive College Entrance Review starting this April for which we are giving discounts if they pre-enroll.

GLBF    What is your staff like?

GC    We have three partners who serve as full-time tutors--two are licensed teachers while the other one, though not a licensed teacher, has nine years experience as a high school and college academic tutor.  The two managing partners have a combined experience of 53 years in the academe, having held various teaching and supervisory positions in leading private learning institutions.  Our regular tutors are all college graduates and undergo regular intensive in-house personal and professional training.

GLBF    How has it been so far?

GC    It's been very, very encouraging!  After only three months of operations, we already have 65 regular students.  The parents are happy, but more importantly, the students are happy so they are more responsive to learning.

Goal Central